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Piranesi is one of the largest manufacturers of hand made jewelry in Italy and one of the leading distributors of South Sea pearls in the world.

For Piranesi we created a series of shows in strategically located places to increase their market presence. Such places were Gstaad, Marbella, Geneva, Palm Beach, New York and Salzburg.

By catering to a select clientele at the right time we were able to increase sales for the company by a few million dollars in one year. We are planning an ongoing series of events utilizing our knowledge of the luxury market.


Safire Aircraft Company

Safire Aircraft Company is developing and building a six place personal twin jet with a purchase price of $800,000. Less than one quarter of the most affordable twin-engine business jets available today; and the operating cost is reduced by two thirds.

Safire Aircraft Company has asked us to select potential investors.  We are able to present a list of various sources of financing that would best suit the company.


Executive Telecom

Executive Telecom has signed a contract with the Moscow City Government, the Saint Petersburg Government and the Federal Government of Azerbaijan to implement TV, data transmission and Internet service.

Executive Telecom has contacted us to organize financing for its third phase of development.


Helmut Koller

We have developed a unique way of marketing the talents of various artists such as Helmut Koller from Austria and Maurizio di Vincenzo from Rome to give them exposure to the American art world. We had a vernissage for Mr. Koller and for Mr. Di Vincenzo in New York City. Both clients developed contacts, new buyers and contacts for future shows.





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